John & John Quincy Adams on Attention

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s a particular complaint shared by John Adams & his son that may be familiar to you, dear fellow user of the Internet – a “rambling” & “fluttering” of the mind as it jumps from one interesting subject to another. Here’s John Sr writing in his journal in 1761, about a week spent at home […]

Review: Cal Newport’s “Deep Work”

Reading Time: 5 minutes (affiliate links below) Lately I’ve noticed the quality of my reading has deteriorated: it takes longer, yet it’s more shallow. The slowness seems to result from reading on a tablet connected to the Internet. This allows me to quickly search online for more information about any random thing that pops into my head along with […]

Hello void

Reading Time: 1 minute Wandering around inside yourself one day, you find a closed curtain. It’s the sort of heavy, important curtain that usually hangs across a stage. What’s behind it? Moving closer, you find an opening and slowly pull the curtain aside. Peeking in, you’re amazed by what you see – a huge space filled with living, changing […]